Welcome to the North America Taiwanese Women's Association II!

The purpose of NATWA II is three-fold:
(1) to establish a network consisted of 1.5- and 2nd-generation Taiwanese American and Canadian women
(2) to cultivate and promote talents among young Taiwanese American and Canadian women
(3) to preserve Taiwanese culture and promote Taiwanese American and Canadian identity.

NATWA II Database

One of our main projects right now is a NATWA II database.
Please sign up if you haven't already by emailing this form PDF or downloading this form.
If you are a NATWA member, please fill out this form.

This database will let us know who the amazing and talented young Taiwanese American/Canadian women are.  NATWA chapters and the convention often are looking for speakers among the 1.5- and 2nd-generation.  This database will allow us to help them contact you.  All of your information will remain confidential and will not be shared outside NATWA.

Please direct comments and questions to natwa2@natwa.com