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NATWA was founded in 1988 as a non-profit organization.  Our missions
are as follows:
1. to evoke a sense of self-esteem and enhance women's dignity,
2. to oppose gender discrimination and promote gender equality,
3. to fully develop women's potential and encourage their participation in public affairs,
4. to contribute to the advancement of human rights and democratic development in Taiwan,
5. to reach out and work with women's organization worldwide to promote peace for all.

NATWA has more than 1,000 members in America and Canada.  Our organization is divided into
seven geographic regions.  We have also established twelve local chapters. In addition to the
annual meeting in April, NATWA also holds mid-year leadership training camp in October.
NATWA的歷史 (revised July, 2006) 吳秀惠、黃美惠合寫

"NATWA History" English version (Sep. 2006)NEW!
                                                                            2006-2007 staff
                      Honorary President: Su Yang 張肅
                       President: Shang-Jing Pan 潘賢敬
                       President-elect: Darice Lee 洪珠美

President: Shang-Jing Pan 潘賢敬

Parliamentarian: Liying Lee 陳麗英                                        Regional Directors:
secretary: Hwei-Ling Chen 涂惠鈴                                                Northeast: Sue Wei 東北區 林瑞葉
Anna Chang 張月英                                                         Southeast: Hwei-Ling Chen 東南區 涂惠鈴
treasurer: Jenny Lo 花婉珍                                                              South: Li-Jane Lee 南區 何麗珍
                                                                          Midwest: Jean Liao 中西區 廖錦鶯
Committee Chairs:                                                                                 Great plain: Meishan Chiou 平原區 徐梅珊
NATWA Fund: Nora Tsay 葉寶桂                                                 Southwest: Shu-Huan Wang 西南區 翁淑鐶
Constitution: Mei Tsai 吳美芬                                                       Northwest: Isabel Kao 西北區 林美華
Membership: Isabel Kao 林美華
Nomination: Cecelia Tsai 葉明霞                                       Chapter Presidents:
Election: Meishan Chiou 徐梅珊                                                 Arizona: Christiana Chiu 張慧美
Scholarship: Bertha Huang 李碧娥                                           Boston: Ching-Fen Kao 林青棻
Historian: Joan Lee 李錦如                                                          Detroit: Jenny Huang 宋常妙
Networking: Susan Chang 程韻如                                              North California: Peggy Lee 李佩蓉
Fund Raising: Dolly Yang 施慶惠                                               South California: Mei-Hsia Chow 李美夏
Calendar production: Sophia Chen 李素秋                           Kansas: Nicole Huang 楊玉萍
Calendar sale: Darice Lee 洪珠美                                               Louisiana: Lih-Lain Lin 林麗蓮
Care network: Jin Barnsdale 王金碧                                         New Jersey: Sue-Fin Wang 王淑芬                    
Vandy Chang 高文莉                                           New York: Ruey-Huey Chen 邱瑞惠  
Culture: Li-Jane Lee 何麗珍                                                          Ohio: Mei-Ching Chiu 劉美卿
Publishing: Mei-Li Yang 楊美麗                                                   St. Louis: Show-Ya Wang 邱琇雅
Nicole Huang 楊玉萍                                                Toronto: Shana Wang 陳雪嬌
Events: Sue Chen 廖淑清
Leanne Chiou 邱良媛

Special projects:
NATWA column: Julie Chen 白珠麗                     
"Turn trash into treasure" book project: Amy Lin 賴淑娟
Team Taiwan: Nora Tsay 葉寶桂   
Release fund for disaster areas in Taiwan: Feng-Feng Chen 李芬芬
NATWA II: Tsuann Kuo 郭慈安
NATWA website: Shang-Jing Pan 潘賢敬

President-elect: Darice Lee 洪珠美